Nature cures when given the opportunity

Nutrition emphasizes the importance of balanced diet in maintaining wellness & preventing diseases


Nutritional Management:
Nutritional management encompasses formulation of diet which is balanced adequate and incorporates the individual's variation such as age, stage of development, taste, preference and food habits.

An adequate and balanced diet meets all nutritional needs for maintenance, repair, living process, growth, development and in diseases. It includes energy in proper amounts and in proportion to each other.

Nutritionist / Dietician:
Both nutritionist and dietician are essential translators of food, nutrition and health in formation into dietary choices and patterns for individual.


Role of Dietician / Nutritionist
1. Assessment -

• Nutritional
• Physical
• Medical
• Biomedical

2. Nutritional Diagnosis
3. Nutritional Intervention
4. Monitoring and evaluation of nutritional care

Nutritional Therapy In –
 Weight Loss
 Weight Gain
 Pregnancy
 Diabetes
 Heart Disease
 Kidney Disease
 Liver Disease
 Liver Disease
 Gastrointestinal Disease
 Sports
 Skin
 Cholesterol control