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Safety Tips for Diwali !!!


Diwali, the beautiful festival of lights, happiness and celebration is just around the corner. Celebrating the festivities with your family and friends is something everyone enjoys. However we also see and hear a lot of accidents related to Diwali crackers. Most of these unfortunate accidents can be prevented by following some basic tips.


TOPSLINE being your safety partner share some preventive measures so that you can celebrate a safe and joyful Diwali.



•     Bursting firecrackers is something everyone including children and adults enjoy. To avoid any accident with fire it is recommended that you wear cotton clothes and stay away from synthetic material.

Quality of Crackers:

•     You must purchase firecrackers from legal manufacturers and ensure that you go through the instructions before actually bursting them. Good quality firecrackers reduce the risk of a dangerous mishap.

Instructing Children:

•     Before taking your children out in the open to burst crackers, it is highly important for you to instruct them about the usage of firecrackers and educate them about the appropriate ways to do so. Supervising them while they are having a fun time with crackers is of utmost importance.

Fire Extinguisher:

•     Having a fire extinguisher in close proximity to the area where you are bursting firecrackers is very essential. Even a bucket of water or sand would be useful to tackle an unexpected fire.

Closed Areas:

•     It is critical to note that you must never burst firecrackers in a closed area. Doing so can lead to a massive hazard in case of fire breaking.

First Aid Kit:

•     A first aid kit should be a handy while you or your kids are enjoying the fireworks. In case there is a minor injury, it can be treated immediately at home.

Discarding Used Fireworks:

•     Dispose of the used firecrackers immediately and carefully. You can either put it in a bucket full of water or put sand on them in order to put out its heat.

Candles and Diyas:

•     Diwali is all about beautiful candles and diyas spreading their light and happiness. However, keeping lit candles and diyas at home can cost you dearly at times. You must make sure that there aren’t any curtains or inflammable materials close to them.

Pet Safety:

•     Pets are a part of the family for animal lovers. But Diwali can be an agonizing time for the animals due to the extreme noise all around. Try to sensitize your pet to the noises by playing similar sounds beforehand. Also, try not to leave your pet alone and do keep them away from firecrackers.


•     It is important to celebrate festivals with utmost sensitivity and care. Using firecrackers that do not create a lot of noise can be the first step towards being sensitive to your fellow neighbors and friends. Too much noise pollution can be harmful for everyone, especially senior citizens.


TOPSLINE would always stand to support and protect you and we wish you a safe festive season.

Spread Happiness this Diwali and Celebrate this Beautiful Festival Joyously with your Loved Ones and keep them and Yourself Safe!!!



Tips for Diabetes-Friendly Ganesh Utsav


Tips for a diabetes-friendly Diwali



Dining out, indulging in greasy, spicy food, gorging on endless servings of sweets - a plethora of unhealthy food is what festivities bring in, or rather what we choose for ourselves - after all celebrations come as an easy excuse for setting aside all the `DIET` plan. And this over-indulgence which can leave a normal, healthy person feeling sick and nauseated, can have drastic implications on diabetics, as for them festivities are more of a bitter than a sweet tale.


However, this doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself from fun, frolic and FOOD. Don’t let the restrictions dampen the spirit of the celebration. Here are a few ways to make this Diwali diabetes-friendly:


Switch to natural sweeteners: Opt for natural sweeteners like dates, raisins or fruits instead of artificial ones.  Stevia, a sweet tasting natural herb, raw honey, date sugar can help keep a check on the blood sugar levels. 


Increase your physical activity: Festivities are no excuse to go easy on your exercise regime-to burn those extra calories you need to notch it up a bit. But the thought of an extra hour in the gym can dampen your festival mood. No need for an extra gym hour. Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk to your friend’s palce, take time to cook your own meal and shake a leg at the party. These easy, everyday activities help burn a lot of calories.


Avoid alcohol: Alcohol interferers with the body`s ability to break down carbohydrate which can cause hypoglycemia in diabetics. Whether you are a diabetic or not controlling or avoiding alcohol intake will only do good to your health.


Get your blood sugar tested: Keeping a check on the blood sugar levels will help you plan out your celebration accordingly. Get yourself checked before and after Diwali. Keeping a close watch can help avert a serious medical situation.




Source Zee News India



Simple steps to glowing skin

Simple steps to glowing skin


It's not a bad idea after all to go bare faced sometimes, but make sure you have healthy and glowing skin. Ensure drinking water and using sunscreen to get that glow.


Here are some tips to boost your skin's health :


Drink lots of water:

Every system and function in our body depends on water. Skin is no different. Dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling, so ensure you take in enough water to reach your skin and keep it hydrated. Two to three litres a day is usually about right.



Looking after your skin doesn't have to stop at home, so carry a multi-tasking quick-fix with you in your handbag for dewy skin on the go. A water spray can be used to cool and calm even the most sensitive complexions. Not only does it tone the skin, but it can also be used to set make-up and refresh skin on a hot day, as well as soothing and softening skin on the go.


Always remove make-up:

It sounds obvious, but one in five women still admit to sleeping with make-up on when away from home. During summer nights, one is naturally warmer and sweatier and if make-up is left on overnight, and bacteria is more likely to develop, leaving pores blocked and resulting in an increased chance of waking up with bad skin outbreaks - whether spots or dry patches.


Stick to products meant for your skin:

The internet can give out weird and wonderful information, but not all of it is accurate. Be aware that not everything you read will work. A common mistake is using toothpaste on spots - toothpaste is meant for your teeth which are one of the hardest surfaces in your body. Using a product on your skin which is actually intended for the teeth will damage your skin and cause it to completely dry out.


Wear SPF throughout the year:

It's easy to assume that just because the sun isn't out, you don't need to use a product with SPF in it. But UVA rays are constantly present, no matter the season or the weather and these are the ones that cause the skin to age because they are able to penetrate much deeper into the surface of the skin, damaging the cells beneath.


Source: Times Of India.


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