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Scaling - teeth cleaning


About Scaling - ( Teeth Cleaning)


Scaling or teeth cleaning is a procedure in which tartar deposits and stains on the teeth are removed without damaging tooth structure.


It is recomended to do scaling every six months for healthy gums


Bleeding gums, bad breath are the sings that indicate cleaning is required


Many misconceptions regarding cleaning are it causes gap formation, loosening of teeth are absolutely false


For healthy gums it is very important to brush twice daily with a soft bristle tooth brush . The correct technique is either a circular or up down motion. The upper and lower inside tooth surfaces that are often neglected are also to be brushed properly. Avoid brushing hard using pressure as it causes tooth sensitivity. It is recomended to change the brush every six months


Flossing once daily will also help to clean areas in between the teeth where brush does not reach.


A regular yearly Oral Health Check Up will help in reducing gum problem and maintaining healthy gums !!


Dr. Shruti Joshi, BDS


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