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Popular Dental Procedures



Professional Tooth Cleaning


Problem: You have great teeth, but they are now stained yellow and brown (from your tea/coffee intake or from smoking, tobacco chewing and the like).


Solution: The easiest and quickest solution is to get a scaling and polishing done. Scaling is the professional cleaning of your teeth by the dentist with special equipment, and polishing to give back your pearls the lost sparkle. However, this procedure will only remove the stains and the tartar from your teeth. It will not change the natural colour/shade of your teeth.




Problem: Misaligned front teeth – some could even be broken or chipped off. Or the front teeth could be discoloured.


Solution: These problems can be corrected with the use of laminates or veneers. These are porcelain dental restorations used in cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry to repair or replace the front side of the tooth to make it visually more appealing. Laminates are a safe, aesthetic and quick option to correct unattractive front teeth.


Crowns and Bridges


Problem: Missing teeth. These are not confined to old people – even teenagers, young adults and the middle aged can have some teeth missing due to accidents, dental caries, genetic disorders etc. Missing teeth can bring about unwanted changes to one's facial appearance, denting (excuse the pun) one's self-esteem and confidence.


Solution: Crowns can be used to replace a single missing tooth. Metalceramic crowns and all-ceramic crowns are popular choices, as they offer good strength and excellent aesthetics. This treatment involves reshaping of the tooth for accurate fitting and proper function.

Bridges are used in cases of multiple missing teeth. The teeth adjacent to the missing teeth are reshaped for gaining support and adaptability for the bridge. The all-ceramic ones look the best.





Problem: You have missing teeth, and want the new teeth to look, feel and function just like natural ones.


Solution: Dental implants are a vast improvement over other conventional dentures, being more stable, user friendly and longer lasting. This is a surgical procedure involving the placement of a titanium screw in the patient's jaw. Because of their integration in the jaw, they prevent bone loss and gum recession. Though immediate implants can be done in a few cases, others would require two to three months' time for the implant to get integrated and adapted by the bone. It is important to get this treatment done by skilled and experienced dentists. This might not exactly be a Diwali option, but since the festival season has started, you could consider this also.


Content Source Credit: Apollo Life

Safety Tips for Diwali !!!


Diwali, the beautiful festival of lights, happiness and celebration is just around the corner. Celebrating the festivities with your family and friends is something everyone enjoys. However we also see and hear a lot of accidents related to Diwali crackers. Most of these unfortunate accidents can be prevented by following some basic tips.


TOPSLINE being your safety partner share some preventive measures so that you can celebrate a safe and joyful Diwali.



•     Bursting firecrackers is something everyone including children and adults enjoy. To avoid any accident with fire it is recommended that you wear cotton clothes and stay away from synthetic material.

Quality of Crackers:

•     You must purchase firecrackers from legal manufacturers and ensure that you go through the instructions before actually bursting them. Good quality firecrackers reduce the risk of a dangerous mishap.

Instructing Children:

•     Before taking your children out in the open to burst crackers, it is highly important for you to instruct them about the usage of firecrackers and educate them about the appropriate ways to do so. Supervising them while they are having a fun time with crackers is of utmost importance.

Fire Extinguisher:

•     Having a fire extinguisher in close proximity to the area where you are bursting firecrackers is very essential. Even a bucket of water or sand would be useful to tackle an unexpected fire.

Closed Areas:

•     It is critical to note that you must never burst firecrackers in a closed area. Doing so can lead to a massive hazard in case of fire breaking.

First Aid Kit:

•     A first aid kit should be a handy while you or your kids are enjoying the fireworks. In case there is a minor injury, it can be treated immediately at home.

Discarding Used Fireworks:

•     Dispose of the used firecrackers immediately and carefully. You can either put it in a bucket full of water or put sand on them in order to put out its heat.

Candles and Diyas:

•     Diwali is all about beautiful candles and diyas spreading their light and happiness. However, keeping lit candles and diyas at home can cost you dearly at times. You must make sure that there aren’t any curtains or inflammable materials close to them.

Pet Safety:

•     Pets are a part of the family for animal lovers. But Diwali can be an agonizing time for the animals due to the extreme noise all around. Try to sensitize your pet to the noises by playing similar sounds beforehand. Also, try not to leave your pet alone and do keep them away from firecrackers.


•     It is important to celebrate festivals with utmost sensitivity and care. Using firecrackers that do not create a lot of noise can be the first step towards being sensitive to your fellow neighbors and friends. Too much noise pollution can be harmful for everyone, especially senior citizens.


TOPSLINE would always stand to support and protect you and we wish you a safe festive season.

Spread Happiness this Diwali and Celebrate this Beautiful Festival Joyously with your Loved Ones and keep them and Yourself Safe!!!



Apollo Bone and Joint Packages - FAQ ( Frequently asked questions )



Who can opt for Apollo Bone and Joint Packages?

►Ones looking for a preventive health package to cover bone and joint specific tests.
►Ones looking to identify routine bone health problems related to neck pain, back pain, arthritis and knee pain.


Whom should I contact in case of any Apollo health package query?

►You can call our executives on,

022 2547 0011/5055/3890 Ext: 11/12/29
+91 8291715434

Is it necessary to book a prior appointment?

►Yes. It is advisable to book your appointment at least 2 days prior.


What is the process to book an appointment?

►You can call us on 8291715434
►Email your details: Name_Package_DOB_Date of appointment on


Can I take Apollo Bone and Joint Packages appointment for Sunday?



What time should I report?


►You can visit the clinic between 8.00 am to 9.00 am for the check-up.


How much time will I require to undergo all the tests?

►Approximately 2 hours, however it may vary depending upon various factors.


Is fasting necessary?



Would I be provided breakfast ?

►Complimentary breakfast is provided only with packages having fasting sugar test.


Are there any discounts, if we wish to avail additional tests with the package?

►You can ask our customer care executives for running discount offers,if any. You can purchase Apollo wellness card worth INR 100/- .
►Wellness card would facilitate you with a discount of 15% on all our in house diagnostic services, for 1 year from the date of issue.


Is the wellness card discount effective on the date of purchase?


►Yes. The wellness card discount can be availed from the same day of purchase, if the bill amount is above INR 1000/-. In regular cases, the wellness card discount shall be effective from the next visit from the date of purchase.


Is the Doctor consultation include in the package?

►Yes. The mentioned Doctor consultations are inclusive in the package. However, from your next visit onwards (2nd consultation,treatment,procedures,physiotherapy), the follow-up and procedure charges shall be applicable.


Can I collect all the reports without taking any Doctor consultation?

►It is advisable to take the Doctor consultation. However, in case you wish to skip the consultations,the amount shall not be refunded, nor can be carry forward to your next visit.


If I want to skip few tests,which are in the package,will I getany refund for that particular test?


►No. The package cannot be customized; neither shall be applicable for any refund.

Can I take my medications, during fasting?

►If you are diabetic, avoid taking your insulin injections / anti diabetic tablets on the morning of Health Check up. Please carry your insulin / anti diabetic tablets which you can have before or after your breakfast in the clinic. Other regular medication can be taken as instructed by the doctor. Please carry regular medication along.


Are there any other pre-requisites to be followed?

►Please bring all your earlier ( Within 1 Year) medical records and medical accessories like glasses, hearing aid if you have any when you come for Health Check Up.
►Wear loose clothing, No jewelry (Necklaces / Chains) and easily removable footwear.
►Please be informed that certain tests like x-rays are not to be done if you are likely to be pregnant.


Can I add more tests ,which are not in the package?

►Inform Health Check up Department in advance if you want any additional Investigations or consultations to be done so that we can schedule your appointments for the same.
►We can provide additional Tests / Investigations / Procedures / Consultations on request or if required however these will be billed separately in addition to the package cost.

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