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Diwali diet tips


Diwali diet tips


Diwali involves delicious food and it becomes difficult to refuse everything, even for diabetics. At such times diabetics feel slightly depressed as they cannot have rich food items and sweets, fearing spikes in their blood sugar level. So how can a patient of diabetes still enjoy some Diwali fare? Let's delve right into it...


Prepare for the Evening : Add food with low or minimum calories from the morning so that your body can easily digest one or two sweets that you cannot avoid.


Make sure to have your blood tested before and after Diwali, so that you can control it immediately. Exercise is important if you plan to indulge a little, so don't skip that workout no matter how light or heavy.



Calories/per piece: 125kcal
Exercise to burn calories: 15 min of step aerobics.


Calories/per piece: 58kcal  
Exercise to burn calories: Running for 3min at the speed of 16km/h.


Calories/per piece: 142kcal  
Exercise to burn calories: Approx 25min of brisk walking.



Calories/per piece: 200kcal  
Exercise to burn calories: Running for 5min at the speeds of 16km/h.



Motichur ladoo       
Calories/per piece: 150kcal  
Exercise to burn calories: Jogging for 30min.


Source : Health meup





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