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Apollo Bone and Joint Packages - FAQ ( Frequently asked questions )



Who can opt for Apollo Bone and Joint Packages?

►Ones looking for a preventive health package to cover bone and joint specific tests.
►Ones looking to identify routine bone health problems related to neck pain, back pain, arthritis and knee pain.


Whom should I contact in case of any Apollo health package query?

►You can call our executives on,

022 2547 0011/5055/3890 Ext: 11/12/29
+91 8291715434

Is it necessary to book a prior appointment?

►Yes. It is advisable to book your appointment at least 2 days prior.


What is the process to book an appointment?

►You can call us on 8291715434
►Email your details: Name_Package_DOB_Date of appointment on thane@theapolloclinic.com.


Can I take Apollo Bone and Joint Packages appointment for Sunday?



What time should I report?


►You can visit the clinic between 8.00 am to 9.00 am for the check-up.


How much time will I require to undergo all the tests?

►Approximately 2 hours, however it may vary depending upon various factors.


Is fasting necessary?



Would I be provided breakfast ?

►Complimentary breakfast is provided only with packages having fasting sugar test.


Are there any discounts, if we wish to avail additional tests with the package?

►You can ask our customer care executives for running discount offers,if any. You can purchase Apollo wellness card worth INR 100/- .
►Wellness card would facilitate you with a discount of 15% on all our in house diagnostic services, for 1 year from the date of issue.


Is the wellness card discount effective on the date of purchase?


►Yes. The wellness card discount can be availed from the same day of purchase, if the bill amount is above INR 1000/-. In regular cases, the wellness card discount shall be effective from the next visit from the date of purchase.


Is the Doctor consultation include in the package?

►Yes. The mentioned Doctor consultations are inclusive in the package. However, from your next visit onwards (2nd consultation,treatment,procedures,physiotherapy), the follow-up and procedure charges shall be applicable.


Can I collect all the reports without taking any Doctor consultation?

►It is advisable to take the Doctor consultation. However, in case you wish to skip the consultations,the amount shall not be refunded, nor can be carry forward to your next visit.


If I want to skip few tests,which are in the package,will I getany refund for that particular test?


►No. The package cannot be customized; neither shall be applicable for any refund.

Can I take my medications, during fasting?

►If you are diabetic, avoid taking your insulin injections / anti diabetic tablets on the morning of Health Check up. Please carry your insulin / anti diabetic tablets which you can have before or after your breakfast in the clinic. Other regular medication can be taken as instructed by the doctor. Please carry regular medication along.


Are there any other pre-requisites to be followed?

►Please bring all your earlier ( Within 1 Year) medical records and medical accessories like glasses, hearing aid if you have any when you come for Health Check Up.
►Wear loose clothing, No jewelry (Necklaces / Chains) and easily removable footwear.
►Please be informed that certain tests like x-rays are not to be done if you are likely to be pregnant.


Can I add more tests ,which are not in the package?

►Inform Health Check up Department in advance if you want any additional Investigations or consultations to be done so that we can schedule your appointments for the same.
►We can provide additional Tests / Investigations / Procedures / Consultations on request or if required however these will be billed separately in addition to the package cost.

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