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An enlightening discussion – Gastrointestinal Diseases!!!


An enlightening discussion – Gastrointestinal Diseases!!!


The Apollo Clinic, Thane in its endeavor to spread awareness for health care within the society initiated a Health Talk on September 16, 2012 by an accomplished surgeon Dr. Ketan Vagholkar , MS, DNB, MRCS, FACS. The initiative was taken up by The Apollo Clinic, Thane in association with a community group Brahmand Katta, which is enormously active for its contribution towards the welfare of the society.



Dr.Ketan Vagholkar addressed to a strength of 100 people about Gastrointestinal Diseases. Today we are living our life in a competitive world where every minute counts!!! ……..But are we aware that this has eventually lead our ‘’Health’’ take a back seat. Be it a young college going boy or a man at the age of 40 or a school kind everybody is exposed to junk food in some or the other way leading to health issues related to liver.

Dr. Ketan Vagholkar thoroughly spoke about Infective & Non-infective Diseases along with their categorization. How some of them like Jaundice, Typhoid can be hazardous if they are mistreated or misdiagnosed. He also touched upon ‘’Gall Bladders’’ how severe they can get if not removed at the right time leading to Cancer.  The other topics that were spoken about were Stomach Cancer, Hernia and Inflammatory Disorders.

Are you still ignoring such issues………. For any health queries on abdominal issues  Contact Us

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