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You work hard, pay your taxes, hold the door for the person behind you and dump trash in the dustbin because you are an upstanding member of the society. But are you equally upstanding when it comes to your own health?


If you spend too much time parking yourself on a chair or a couch then you probably are not. The seemingly harmless act of sitting down has been linked to a number of health issues by numerous studies, which have contributed to changing our conventional perceptions about it.


Health Concerns of Sitting Too Much:

Life flows with such ease for us that our work, commute, leisure, can all be accomplished while being seated. We have all slowly coaxed ourselves into a sedentary lifestyle which rarely demands any physical activity. While certainly, our capacity to avail and enjoy short term comforts has amplified, it has come at the cost of our physical fitness and longevity. Sedentary lifestyle, whose flag bearer is prolonged sitting, has been linked to a host of health risks, namely cardiovascular disease, hypertension, obesity, metabolic disorders, type II diabetes and abnormal cholesterol levels. In addition to these, poor posture when we sit contributes to another array of ailments such as chronic back and neck pain. Studies have also suggested that people who spent mostly sedentary lifestyles have increased risks of dying prematurely from any given cause compared to people who lead mostly active lives.


Take a stand against sitting:

If you are someone who spends a major chunk of the day sitting behind a desk or on a couch, follow these simple tips and ensure you spend more time on your feet–


Thinking on your toes – Office meetings are long, (boring), and above all killing your health. Opt instead to have walking meetings, whenever possible, outside in the garden or on the rooftop with your co-workers. You may also consider the increased creativity because of improved blood flow, to be a bonus.

Walk and talk – Use mobile phones how they were intended to be used for, carry them and walk around when you have to receive or make phone calls.

Work hard, break harder – Don’t fall into the trap of spending hours and hours in front of your computer at a stretch. Take short breaks and rest your eyes at regular intervals.

Finding yourself in a stretch – While on your self-gifted breaks, ensure you stretch your limbs and move your joints doing simple stretching exercises.

Paid break– Advertisers pay a fortune to have their ads up between your favourite shows. Next time your show breaks to a commercial, take it as your cue to stretch your limbs and take a quick walk, and also thank the advertisers who paid millions to make it possible for you.

Power pose – Sitting down is inevitable and whenever you have to, ensure you maintain a good posture with your back straight and your shoulders back and relaxed with your body weight distributed evenly.

Sitting is the new smoking, and its harm to our health slowly building up over time. Switching to an active & consistent lifestyle seems to be the obvious solution to the problem of prolonged sitting. Here, consistency is the keyword and spreading out your physical activities throughout the day is as important as not leading a sedentary life.


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There are a number of excuses we use to avoid getting a health check done:


“I am too healthy, why would I need a health check”, “I am too busy, how will I take out time to get a health check”, etc. The list, of such excuses is endless.

In the middle of our busy schedule, we often tend to neglect our health, not thinking much about the repercussions of doing so.


What is a health check?

A health check is a package of clinical screening examinations, which you need to undergo in order to understand your health condition. This routine check includes a number of physical tests which not only help in assessing the health condition of different organs but also helps detect hidden abnormalities or symptoms. Preventive measures are then taken accordingly to tackle the problem.


Small check, great benefits!

Less Healthcare Cost: Regular health checks can help you save a lot of money. It reduces the risk of potential health problems & helps in reducing the risk of surgery or some serious life threatening diseases.

Prevention: It’s rightly said that prevention is better than cure. If you opt for regular health check-ups then it will be easier for the doctor to diagnose any disease or ailment and timely treatment can then be administered.

De-stress: Today’s hectic lifestyle can give rise to many health complications, which are directly related to stress levels. It can lead to mental & physical health problems. Some common ones are hypertension, high blood pressure, weight problems, diabetes, depression, mental disorders, and gastrointestinal problems. With regular health checks, it becomes easier to diagnose, control & treat the problem.

Awareness: Depending upon the results of your tests, the doctor will warn you about your lifestyle, eating habits and health conditions. For example, many of us ignore dental health. However, with constant reminders from your doctor, you will start paying attention to all this.


Regular checks ensure that you follow a proper routine and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy body and mind will guarantee better productivity. Therefore, make sure that you go for your regular medical checks s in order to stay fit and fine. Book a health check appointment with expert Apollo doctors now.


Content Source Credit:

Apollo Let's Health Talk

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