Ways to Control Thyroid


The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located on the front of your neck, on the lower side. When there is an imbalance in the thyroid hormones, it doesn’t function as it is supposed to, which leads to various problems, such as changes in your weight, high cholesterol, etc.


There are two types of thyroid issues, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism. In Hyperthyroidism, your metabolism increases, which cause rapid weight loss, whereas, in hypothyroidism, your metabolism doesn’t function accordingly, causing you to gain weight. With a few home-remedies, you can control your thyroid problems and lead a healthy life.


• Vitamin A

The best way to control your thyroid is to incorporate Vitamin A in your daily life routine. All you need to do is to consume food products that are high in Vitamin A. The most common Vitamin A rich foods are; yellow and green veggies, carrots, eggs, apricots, spinach, carrots, etc.

• Butter is better

Your endocrine system will really appreciate your intake of butter. Even if you cut down other dairy products, stick to butter. However, it is always better to check with your physician before starting something new.

• Eat mindfully

Your thyroid is located in your throat area and it serves as a connection between your mind and your body. So, what happens when you eat fast is that the food reaches the stomach quickly before your body and mind can react to it. This way, you end up eating too much which is definitely not a healthy habit.


So, when you practice mindfulness, you will not only eat the food slowly, chewing methodically, but also feel each texture of what you are eating and experience the joy of eating. This will help your thyroid record the food intake and process it accordingly.


• Mobile phones

We are all addicted to our phones these days. However, your mobile phone is a radiation machine and when you hold it to your ears, it affects your thyroid as well. Therefore, use earphones and keep your phone away from yourself when you sleep.


• Yoga

There are several yoga asanas that help stimulate and support your endocrine system. Also, physical activity boosts the supply of oxygen in your body which will help your thyroid tremendously. Another advantage of doing yoga is that you can practice it easily at home or basically anywhere. You don’t need expensive machines or a gym membership for yoga.


• Avoid smoking

Thiocyanate and nicotine in cigarettes can increase excretion of iodine, which affects the performance of your thyroid. So, quit smoking!


These tips are not meant to replace your medications. Always consult your doctor before making any changes in your daily life


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Eating disorders are psychiatric illnesses that have a negative bearing on one’s physical health. Whether they are a lifestyle choice or have some solid medical roots, the fact remains that the health risks associated with eating disorders simply cannot be ignored.


Many young girls in spite of being underweight starve themselves and deprive their body of nutritious food, which is more like inviting their own curse. Women of all shapes, size and age including extremely thin models with ideal body weight, have learned to be unhappy with their weight. Whether borne of popular culture or otherwise, this dissatisfaction can lead to harmful eating disorders.


Causes of eating disorders

A culture obsession with thinness
Emotional stress
Peer pressure


Anorexia Nervosa: Self-starvation/fasting.
Bulimia Nervosa: Binge eating usually followed by self-induced vomiting.
Binge Eating Disorder: Bingeing followed by misuse of laxatives or diuretics.
Pica: Eating of non-food substance, like clay, hair, chalk, etc.

Alert Signs

Fear of gaining weight
Irregular menstruation
Refusing to eat in public
Compulsive exercise
Hair loss
Self-esteem is tied to how thin they appear to be

Warning Signs & Physical Consequences

Protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) – the depletion of both body fat and protein
Eating disorders are psychiatric illnesses that have a negative bearing on physical health

Malnutrition affecting brain functioning and judgment
Lethargy, confusion, delirium
Blood pressure falls
Many deaths occur due to heart failure, liver ceases to function
Impaired immune response and anaemia

Treatment & Precautions

Enlisting professional help as soon as abnormal eating patterns develop.
Parents should not insist their child go on a diet unless instructed by a physician.
Do not tease people about their body shapes or compare them to others.
Family therapy where it is made evident that family members are loved and accepted as they are.
Eating meals together as a family whenever possible.

Avoiding eating in times of stress.
Monitoring negative self-talk and practicing positive attitude.
Not going on extreme diets.
Being alert to signs of anxiety, depression, and drug or alcohol abuse and seeking help as soon as these signs appear.


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Important medical tests for youngsters


When you stepped in teenage, a number of physical and biological changes occur in the body which may expose you to some health-related problems. Factors like stressful lifestyle, unhealthy eating, lack of physical activities, smoking, and alcohol intake can hugely impact your health. A doctor can perform or recommend some simple tests to look for problems that can rob your health in young age.


These simple medical tests assist doctor to detect significant changes in the body which may later become a reason for disease. Early diagnosis also helps to treat the problem on time.


Below is the list of important medical test for youngsters.



A blood pressure reading higher than the 120/80puts stress on the heart and may increase the risk for heart disease, kidney disease, and stroke. To control high blood pressure doctor may ask you to adopt healthy lifestyles and in extreme cases may prescribe medication.



Cholesterol is a type of fatty protein in blood that accumulates in the arteries. There are two types of cholesterol i.e. High-density lipoproteins (good cholesterol which protects against heart disease) and low-density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol which increases the risk of heart diseases ).


Imbalance in the cholesterol levels can be easily managed with few lifestyle changes like regular exercise, healthy eating, etc. A doctor may prescribe anti-cholesterol medications if the cholesterol levels are too high and cannot be managed with lifestyle modifications.



Diabetes is defined as high glucose levels in the blood. Your doctor can recommend you to have fasting plasma glucose test (detecting blood glucose levels without eating)and post-prandial blood glucose test (detecting blood glucose levels after eating) to detect diabetes.



If you have a blood relative like your mother or your sister with breast cancer, you should go for a Gynaecology consultation for detection of breast cancer and thus early treatment can protect you from the life-threatening consequences of the disease.



All young women above 21 years should have a pap smear test every two years to rule out any possibility of cervical cancer.


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