Calcium is one of the most abundant element in human body. And rightly so, since it plays a very vital role in various biological functions. But the thing is, this most essential element is only available through dietary sources. The levels of calcium in the body must be managed with a proper diet to avoid getting osteoporosis, brittle bones and other bone related problems.


Both men and women start losing the calcium in the body by the age of 35 and the loss is even greater for women during menopause. The bones develop rapidly during the teenage years but unfortunately many of the teenagers do not include enough calcium in their diets.


The amount of calcium needed by a woman varies depending on her age and hormonal state but the general consumption ranges between:


Ages 11-24: 1200-1500 mg
Ages 25-50: 1000 mg
Pregnant: 1200-1500 mg
Older than 50 (postmenopausal): 1000 mg-1500 mg
Older than 65: 1500 mg

The main sources of calcium are milk and other dairy products but for those who are lactose intolerant, this may prove to be a major problem. There are many other foods that provide this extra source of calcium. They are:


Calcium supplements
Green leafy vegetables
Soy milk
Sesame seeds

There are some easy ways to include calcium-rich foods in your daily diet with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.


For breakfast, have cereal with milk
Drink a glass of orange juice
Have a bowl of yogurt with fresh fruits
Add different types of cheeses to your sandwiches
Replace carbonated drinks with plain or flavored milk
Eat Greek Yogurt
Include legumes in your daily food
Eat low-fat desserts made with milk
Eat a few almonds everyday
Enjoy caffeine-infused milk drinks

There are a number of factors that reduce bone density in the body leading to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis occurs when the bones in the body become too brittle and start breaking. It is caused by low levels of calcium in the body and also due to various genetic causes. Some of the causes include:


Too much alcohol consumption
Irregular periods
Little or no exercise
Not enough calcium in the diet
Hereditary reasons
Below normal weight

Increasing bone density and keeping osteoporosis is an easy thing to do except when it is caused due to genetic causes. Make simple changes to your diet, exercise regularly and keep unhealthy habits at bay to keep you bones strong and healthy. 


Content Source Credit: Apollo Let's Talk Health




It is a well-known fact that we are what we eat. What we put in our mouth not only appeases our hunger but also has a lasting impact on our intestines too. There are a lot of accumulated bacteria and other organisms that live in the gut and what we eat could boost the health of the organisms or make them worse. Researchers have found that gut microbes are very sensitive to the food that we eat, be it vegetables, fruits, burgers, pizzas, beef, pork or even dairy products and research is under way to find out which foods have a positive impact on the gut.



Thanks to modernisation, we are fast leaving traditional foods behind and opting for processed foods with artificial flavours, low nutritive content and enhancers that just appease our hunger but add no value whatsoever.


These foods, in turn, cause numerous problems like indigestion, ulcers, fatigue, allergies, diverticulitis and candidiasis. It is only in the best interest of your intestines that you should eat healthy, easily digestible food and stay away from high fat and fried foods, chilli peppers, dairy products, alcohol, berries, chocolate, carbonated drinks, coffee and tea. Instead of them, enjoy cooling foods like yogurt, fish, lean meat, whole grains, bananas, and ginger for which your gut will thank you.


It is quite simple to keep your gut healthy and it entirely depends on your food intake and the lifestyle that you lead. If you belong to the category that eats the healthiest food but leads a sedentary life, it’s time to change that. Your body needs at least an hour of exercise each and every day apart from nutritious food to keep it strong and healthy.


Some important factors to keep in mind to have a healthy gut are:

Eat simple and easily digestible foods
Make nutritious meals that are tasty
Avoid high calorie meals and opt for tasty low calorie options
Drink lots of water
Control your portions
Detox every few weeks
Keep away from spice
Exercise regularly

Avoid foods that upset the stomach

If lifestyle changes are not made and nutritious food is not eaten, there is a chance that you may develop severe abdominal pain, blood in stool and even cancer. 


When your gut is healthy, you will feel comfortable, light and a sense of well-being will envelop you. Eat right and exercise often to have a happy and healthy gut.


Content Source Credit: Apollo Let's Talk Health

Dental Camp - Raymond's Thane



In continuation of promoting Health & Wellness at work, Apollo Clinic,Thane organised a Dental Checkup Camp at Raymonds,Thane on 6th October'2017.

Our Dental experts Dr.Afreen Hajwaney, Dr. Jasmine, and Dr. Shruti Joshi carried out a comprehensive Dental screening for the employees.

The camp was aimed towards educating the employees about their oral health and measures to prevent it from Dental problems.

The employees were given opportunities to interact with our expert to enquire and gain knowledge concerning oral diseases.

Our Heartiest thanks to the organising team at Raymonds, Thane for extending their support in organizing the Camp.  

We acknowledge all the employees for their active participation and willingness to discuss health concerns interactively with the Doctor.

We at Apollo Clinic,Thane look forward for many such events to come in future & hope to make a positive difference to the corporate wellness of the company.

For expert advice on your Dental problems,
consult our specialist.

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